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Why is Modern Medicine often ineffective at treating Chronic Neck Pain? Learn about the things that make your neck hurt and what you can do about it. A guide is included to help you figure out if this program is likely to help you. It is a 20 page booklet that may change your life!

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What's Inside This Report?

Can I Help Myself?

Three Guidelines that help determine if you should see your Physician or help yourself. Includes 7 questions to ask yourself.

Why Can't My Doctor Get Rid of the Pain?

The difference between the treatment your physician provides versus how Holistic Medicine alleviates pain.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Important questions to ask yourself to see if you are likely to succeed. What to expect. How pain is treated.

Can I Just Live with Pain?

How pain changes your lifestyle. Explains how chronic pain can cause permanent changes in the mind and body.

Exactly Why Do I Hurt So Much?

Explains how your everyday activities cause pain. It includes things you probably never thought of.

About the Author

Howard Lubin practiced Dentistry in his own Private Practice for 23 years. He struggled with chronic severe neck pain for the last 5 years of his career. His treatments included 6 surgeries, physical therapy, chiropractic care, 3 different pain specialists and tons of pain pills. Nothing that conventional medicine offered controlled the pain for very long. After deciding to retire from Dentistry,. he has spent the last 7 years studying Holistic Medicine to help himself and other chronic pain sufferers. Today he is happy, healthy and almost pain-free.

Howard earned his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and his D.D.S. at Marquette University School of Dentistry.

He lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with his girlfriend Lauri and his beloved dogs, Abby and Oscar.

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